We have made an effort to make education delivery seemless and enjoyable. There is still a lot more to be done. Adaptive learning is a field we are very much interested in as we look at solutions that will encourage children to learn at their own pace. We also want to make the learning experience engaging and rewarding.


SchooliT  is  a  web  application  for  the  complete  management  of  educational institutions  of all  sizes.  It  also  has  a  Learning  Management  System  (LMS) integrated  that  enterprises can use  for  training  of  their  employees.

Our Areas of Interest


We are interested in changing the way education is delivered. We want to use advances in machine learning to deliver a richer education experience everywhere.


The health sector needs a huge makeover. We want to make it easy and rewarding for patients to get the service they desire from health institutions.


Revenue collection by government and some private agencies is a pain both for the customer and the revenue collecting agency. We want to change that.


Messaging apps that connect people abound. We believe that one size does not fit all- there is still room to innovate in this space.


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